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culinary versatility is evident in her multiple talents she brings to the Louisiana Creole Culinary world: As a critically Louisiana Creole Culinary Artisan, cookbook author, and creator of Soumas Heritage Creole Creations Louisiana Creole Pre-Packaged food mixes. Panderina Soumas discovered her cultural culinary identity at a very young age from the memories of her South Louisiana ancestors. Panderina Soumas shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for food through her cookbook and her well-known Creole Cuisine Pre-Package Food Mixes. Panderina Soumas’ many accolades in the culinary world have allowed many opportunities from a well-acclaimed article in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Louisiana Kitchen & Culture to the many requested private cultural catering events for her request. Panderina Soumas is well known for participating in many of the local well-known Festival events where she is often requested for vendor space. Her cookbook, Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook is well known for its great family heirloom recipes and ancestral stories about her South Louisiana family roots. Panderina Soumas possesses a remarkable ability to create and retain her individual character branding of Soumas Heritage Creole Creations. Panderina Soumas works tirelessly to educate and challenge the many cultural avenues of Louisiana Creole cooking and the way we view and taste food as a whole today.   


**special note about the SOUMAS HERITAGE CREOLE COOKBOOK**
You can order them here on the website - However,  If I'm out of them temporarily in  inventory and you don't want to wait until I order -
 You can order them on: -  If you order from and you reside locally and would like me to personally autograph your cookbook.. Please e-mail me! @ 
 I will be HONORED to do so!

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