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*(special note: This business is based and produced in NW Louisiana.. Not in New Orleans, La. The authentic roots are based from our New Orleans / surrounding South Louisiana Parishes Ancestry)*

Let’s travel down to New Orleans, get into the city. Our first stop will be at my grandmother’s house…. We called her `Mome’. Since she knows we’re comin’ she and my great-grandmother whom we called `Gran’Ma’ has the entire neighborhood screaming with aroma of…ummm…let’s see….A big pot of Red Beans seasoned with pickle meat and / or ham chunks and or sausage, loads of garlic, celery, onions, bell pepper and about 4-5 bay leaves. I can see `Gran’Ma’ reaching up in the cabinet getting the cayenne pepper, her own “special” blend of spices and herbs,  generously sprinkling into the slow simmering pot. `Mome’ is seasoning up some chicken or pork chops to fry, steamin’ a pot of white rice and getting some French Bread ready too! Most likely `Mome’ went to the French Market the day before and picked up some big red ripe Creole tomatoes which she has thickly sliced, placed on a pretty plate with salt and `peppa.  Of course she’ll serve them with a dollop of Blue Plate Mayonnaise. `Mome’ will set a simple, but elegant table setting in that small kitchen of love. The food is ready! On the stove, covered and being kept warm and hot! `Mome’ and `Pope’ are sittin on the front steps, `GranMa’ peeks her head out every now and then from the screen door lookin’ for us too! As we turn the corner of Fourth and S.Rocheblave, `Mome’ throws her hands up! Leaps from her chair! – She is SO happy to see us! `Pope’ adjusts his cigar and pants as they both get up to greet, hug, kiss and love us! Getting inside, we huggin’ `GranMa’ and `Pappa’, seeing a few happy tears fall – We all head to the kitchen, everybody is talkin’ and laughin’ at once, still huggin’ and kissin, and the joy of being together! `Mome’ will say.. ..”Bey! – getcha a plate and eat `yeah”! Well!! – I think you can just about visualize as well as imagine the aroma coming from that small shot-gun house at 3718 Fourth Street New Orleans, Louisiana . This Recipe Welcome extends ancestors ranging from the Haitian Slave Trade, French settlement infusion and a sprinkle of Greek ancestry….we think..???   (we still haven’t found the spoon from that pot yet!) We gon’ Zydeco, Second Line and enjoy a Jazz tune as we travel to Bayou-La-Fourche, Houma, Mandeville, and Covington. Flavored with amazing stories on the front-porch, visiting cousins, long walks on brick-layered sidewalks, and the strong pungent patois of laughter and a few lies, all `jes as strong as French Market Coffee ~n~ Chicory! Soumas Heritage Creole Creations invites YOU to our Creole family table of tales from forefathers & mothers from a bittersweet era seasoned with the trinity of various multicultural connections from a proud savored and simmered Creole ancestry. Soumas Heritage Creole Creations has taken treasured memoirs and recipes all created and served up with a UNIQUE line of Louisiana Packaged “Creole~Cuisine” Food Mixes. Sit down, take ya shoes off, fix ya a plate!  Served up with our legendary and appetizing logo!



**special note about the SOUMAS HERITAGE CREOLE COOKBOOK**

You can order them here on the website - However!,  If I'm out of them temporarily in  inventory and you don't want to wait until I order -
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