Creole Gombo
A savory CREOLE dry-seasoned roux ready to go!
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Price: $4.45
`Down-On-`Da'-Bayou Dirty Rice Mix
Dirty rice is a traditional CREOLE dish made from white rice cooked with small pieces of chicken livers or giblets, which give it a dark ("dirty") color and a mild but distinctive flavor. This Creole~Cuisine Mix will surly tell the story of flava!
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Price: $4.45
Creole Mammy Cakes
A Tasteful Tribute Treat to the Legendary Mammy!
Price: $4.45
Creole Family Fruit Cobbla’
A Classic Creole Cobbla' with a Caribbean twist of flava!
Price: $4.45
Creole `Ya-`Ya - Yam Salsa (16 oz)
`Ya-`Ya - Yes Indeed... Sweet ~n~ Spicy Creole and Caribbean flavors marry
Price: $8.95
Panderina Soumas' Creole Explosion
Ignited and Infused with Creole History
Price: $5.95
Creole Bayou Bean Soup Mix
A Cultural Combination!
Price: $4.45
`Jumpin'-`Da-Broom Jambalaya Mix
A Creole Louisiana Favorite!
Price: $4.45
Creole Red Beans ~ n~ Rice
A Louisiana Creole Monday Tradition! - All in one bag! - Red Beans, Rice, and Panderina Soumas' Creole Explosion packet
Price: $6.45
Creole Cheese Garlic~n~Herb Grits
A Flavored Creole Religion of South Louisiana!

*(actual product photo coming soon)
Price: $4.45
Louisiana Creole Celebration Dip Mix™
No other way to celebrate! Veggies, crackers, party breads will never be the same!
Price: $4.00
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