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Creole Slave Stories& Family History Workshops
She’ll correct you in a South Louisiana second! - “Everything is not Cajun!” and you DO NOT have to have the mythical Mulatto features to be classified as CREOLE, says PanderinaSoumas author of Soumas Heritage CreoleCookbook and owner and operator of Soumas Heritage Creole Creations ,LLC.PanderinaSoumasand legends of Creole Slave Storiesisavailable for lectures, public speaking events / conferences, Family History Workshops,  Mistress of Ceremonies, cooking demonstrations &Soumas Heritage Creole Creation product representation. Spice up your next meeting or event with PanderinaSoumas and her Creole legendary stories from herSouth Louisiana family tree, all with historical humor to bring everything it has to offer. Creole-Slave Stories, Cooking demonstrations, etc... are customized to fit each particular audience who is hungry for historical legends as well as creative Creole history & cuisine!  Panderina’s roots rundeep into the rich history of Louisiana Creoles of Color through her foremothers and fathers that have trailed the bayous of South Louisiana. With eye-opening knowledge from her ancestral legends lies the bittersweet tones of pre-colonial Louisiana Slave history on sugar cane & cotton plantations to the many legendary marks her ancestors have planted in South Louisiana. The source of what Panderina calls “The Creoles of Color” & “It’s ALL In The History”, plays a key role in flavoring and shaping most of South Louisiana’s multi- cultural history.
          It was Panderina’s pride and respect for her Creole heritage that prompted her to write her “cook-history” cookbook, and to enrich cooking demonstrations and presentations for special scheduled speaking events to tell her stories and to pass on her history from remembered and shared stories from ancestors gone by. The ever present confusion and controversy about “Creoles of Color”, it’s meaning?...who should it be?...who should it look like?...what language it will speak?...and the “bittersweet tones” of the many untold truths and buried denials of slaves, slave-owners, house-mammy’s and the multi-cultural influences on the many generations of children and plantation life have cultivated the culture of Creoles of Color in Louisiana and much of the South. Certainly a painful, but prideful era that put them to an innocent shame through no fault of their own lifetime in history or as human beings.PanderinaSoumas feels a deep-rooted obligation to pay the utmost respect to the many slave men, women and children who undoubtedly deserve all our respect from an era of denial and unbeknown that cultivated much of the Creoles of Color today and for many generations forthcoming within the Soumas Family. Creole Slave Stories are based on fiction and nonfiction historical folklore that is
weaved from stories from Panderina’s family bloodline, highlighting the humor of the patois / dialect and culminating attention to food & family of Creoles of Color.
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