Brings out the big black pot, turns on the heat, adds a dust of flour and oil to start the roux of the Soumas Family Creoles of Color from South Louisiana. Ancestors ranging from the Haitian Slave Trade, smoothing the roux to New Orleans Jazz music from the Creole-Zydeco steppin' grounds of Bayou-La-Fourche, Houma, New Orleans, Mandeville and Bayou-La-Combe. Flavored with amazing stories on the front-porch steps of my ancestors, meeting `cu-`zans' on the neutral ground for Mardi-Gras, long walks on brick-layed sidewalks, and the strong aroma of coffee and chicory from a shot-gun house of memories. Then turn the fire down real low `bey' for the pungent patois of laughter and remembrance. 
Soumas Heritage Creole Creations makes a brown roux of aromas from forefathers & mothers from a bittersweet era seasoned with the trinity of various multicultural connections from a proud savored and simmered Creole ancestry. Soumas Heritage Creole Creations has taken treasured memoirs and recipes all created and served up with a line of Louisiana Creole Pre-Packaged “Creole~Cuisine” Food Mixes for YOU to enjoy.
Sit down and welcome a plate of Culture!                               
Soumas Heritage Creole Creations, LLC
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